ALMA 2018

                                 I`m one of the nominated candidates for the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award 2018!!

ALMA 2018


New Christmascards🎄

New Xmascard for Putinki. Letterpressed in Vallila🎅




                                        Published on September 2017 by Midas Verlag AG

Kunst fur Kinder



Graou n’a pas sommeil

                                                             Graou n’a pas sommeil by Album Nathan
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...here too 
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BOET de Beer


Look here...
by Gottmer


The Mur app won the AR/VR award at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair 2017!!!

Mur is based on the book: “A bear called Mur” by Kaisa Happonen and Anne Vasko and extends the physical book with a beautiful, musical and interactive experience. Creative team at Step In Books have created a wonderful entry to the digital storyworld with Vasko’s amazing illustrations.
At Bologna Ragazzi book fair Mur and other titles using augmented reality (AR) inspired the committee to create a totally new award category, the AR/VR award that celebrates the best example of how to extend physical books.
The jury said:
“One of the best AR (Augmented Reality) entries judged in this year’s contest, this app/book combination is about a playful bear who doesn’t want to hibernate. Each page serves as a portal to a virtual playground where you can become the bear, with illustrations that are triggered by your motions and the bird which leaves the pages of the book only to turn up on your screen for more story.. Step In Books (Denmark); based on the book by Kaisa Happonen and Anne Vasko, published by Tammi Publishers, a division of Bonnier). “

Step in Books  
Mur, eli karhu-book


Teaching materials for Taito Group - Eskareiden opetusmateriaalia Taitoliitolle!

Kissa pistoksissa - työryhmä;
Teksti ja ohjeet Heli Arvilommi
Kuvitus Anne Vasko


New postcard from Putinki - Uusia postikortteja Putingilta!

Here are some of my latest postcards for Putinki!